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China Metallurgical Group Corporation (Hereinafter MCC Group) is China’s leading multidisciplinary and multinational company under the direct supervision of SASAC (China’s State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission). Listed in stock exchange of Hong Kong and Shanghai, MCC Group was China’s pioneer in iron and steel industry, and it has since grown into one of the world largest metallurgical company. China Minmetals and MCC Group had successfully been restructured, which is the first strategic restructuring between two domestic companies both ranked among the Fortune Global 500 in China. Over the years, MCC group has further developed beyond metallurgical and into EPC contracting, natural resources exploitation and development, equipment manufacturing, and real estate development. It has successfully expanded beyond Asia-Pacific and into Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, United States and etc。


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MCC entered the field of PV power generation in 2009.


Business domains range from project engineering consulting and design, equipment supply, investment and development,EPC to plant operation and maintenance at home and abroad.


Complete organization and professional personnel, strong technical capacity, which enable us to provide overall process solutions of PV power plant to clients.


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Tibet Dangxiong Phase I 60MWp ecological Livestock PV Power Project

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Power Generation Project of BIPV of Xiangyang ENFI Domestic Garbage Incineration Power Plant 1MWp,4500MJ/(m2·a),0.78 million Kwh/a

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Experimental prototype of First-generation intelligent linkage automatic solar tracking system successfully applied in Ningxia Zhongwei PV Power project.

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Zhongwei 60MWp Grid-connected PV Power Project, Gobi Desert, 6038MJ/(m2·a), 2845h/a 30MW whole-tracking(50 million Kwh/a), 30MW Fixed(46million Kwh/a)

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Pakistan Zhongxing 300MWp Grid- connected PV Power Project

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Patented technology –innovative membrane locking structure for Demonstration Project of Solar PV Buildings in Sewage Treatment Plant in Liangxiang, Beijing 674kWp,4842MJ/(m2·a), 0.81 million Kwh/a

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